Auction common bids is the page to be if you want to get an idea of how much other players are placing bids for on items in the Auction, from personal experience. This information may not be completely accurate as to how many players are online at a time, servers, and the time of day the bid is posted.

When contributing to this page, please try to include

  • Item you bid on
  • Amount of credits you bid for
  • Server you bid on
  • Time you bid at

Auction common bids Won (click to edit)

Any bids that won during anytime in Auction:

  • Various boosters around 3AM for 2-3,000,000 each in the US West 2 server.
  • All ship designs for 10.000-100.000 in the 1h auction in Europe 3.
  • LF3 and Iris for 15.000.000-25.000.000 in the 1h auction in Europe 3.
  • Spearhead for 10.000.000 in the daily auction in Europe 3.

Auction common bids lost (click to edit)

Iris using 20,000,000 credits on Global 1 4pm

Resource booster using 200,000 credits on East Coast 1 5pm

Damage Booster using 42,000,000 credits on East Coast 1 4pm

Cloak CPU 2 50 cloaks using 23,000,000 credits on East Coast 1 3pm

all ships and designs in 1h auction 10,000 credits on Europe 6

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