UBR-100 is a Hellstorm Rocket available for the HST-1 and HST-2 Rocket Launchers. It is found in Shop at limited times only, and is currently the most powerful rocket for the Hellstorm rocket launchers.

Damage dealtEdit

UBR-100 can deal up to 4,000 damage against enemy players (same as HSTRM-01) but also deals 7,500 damage against Aliens. However, if you are lucky, you can deal more damage that shown here, because its an average damage. You can also deal less damage, of course!

HST-1 (Three-barreled rocket launcher) HST-2 (Five-barreled rocket launcher)
12,000 damage against players 20,000 damage against players
22,500 damage against Aliens 37,500 damage against Aliens

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