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UCB-100 is an elite ammunition for Laser Cannons. It is difficult to obtain due to its status of being unavailable in the Shop for purchase. Also known as the x4 ammo, this Laser Battery deals four times the normal damage.

UCB-100 is one step up from MCB-50 ammo, and one step down from RSB-75 ammo. The UCB-100 is comparable to the RB-214 except the RB-214 does eigth times the normal damage against Demaner motherships while it does four times the normal damage against all other enemies.

Obtaining UCB-100Edit

UCB-100 USED to be available in the shop for 2 uridium per unit long before the Reloaded update, HOWEVER now is not available in the Shop or in auction, making this ammo difficult to obtain.

Ways to obtain UCB-100 are:

  • By random using the Galaxy Gate Generator and receiving 40 to 120 ammo each time
  • Completing a Galaxy Gate and receiving it as a reward
  • Certain Quests give UCB-100 as a reward
  • Receiving it from bonus boxes in the Cubikon's Graveyard (1000 units each box)
  • Booty Boxes
  • Certain events like Spaceball can give x4
  • Winning a battle in the training arena rewards with UBC-100


  • As an alternative to UCB-100, most players use MCB-50 to preserve UCB-100 only when needed.
  • Switch between UCB-100 and SAB-50 when attacking to help keep your shields topped off.

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