Uber Protegit


Hit points 120,000 or 400.000
Shield 100,000 or 300.000
Average Damage 2.100 - 2.800 or 3,000-4,000
Base Speed 500 or 400
Destroy Rewards
EP12.800 or 22,500Honor32 or 72
Credits12.800 or 125,000Uridium16 or 45


This Uber Protegit is found in the Cubikon's Graveyard and protect the cubikons in this map. They will chase you down until you die or they are at critical health. Unlike the normal Protegits, these act like Saboteurs on steroids.

Uber Protegits also fire rockets which slow you down, just like Saboteur slow ability, this combined with the massive amount of Protegits will get you killed quickly regardless of how strong you are.

The only way to access this map is by the 4-5 portal, the Teleportation CPU 2 and massive amounts of luck.

Tips Edit

- Having the Teleportation CPU 2 is very recommended if you want to get in.

- It is a good idea to go to 4-5 and use the secret portal found in it, run around just to make sure that if you get in, don't get killed, and if you didn't make it in, use the CPU. This gives you duplicates the chance to access this map.

- Although not recommended, you can use the LoW strategy (get them to critical health) to make the aliens run off and leave you be until there is none but the cubikons and the precious boxes.


Trivia Edit

- They same rewards as a normal protegit as seen here:

Cargo dropEdit

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit Seprom
100 100 100 16 16 2 0 0