Ultra-Elite and Ultra-Full-Elite, (also known as UE/UFE) are a slang terms for elite status that describes a player's ship which has not only all Full-Elite equipment, but much more in addition to that. Things such as the P.E.T. 10, all of the LF-4 laser cannons, and all Havoc, Hercules or Spartan drones.


Ultra-Elite ships are visually different than most regular elite ships. They can have all of their drones as Iris with Havoc, Hercules or Spartan drone design, have a drone formation, Skill Design, or have a special visual effects. These players usually have all of the galaxy gates completed.

List of Ultra-Elite equipmentEdit

A list of equipment that is required for Ultra Elite status:

Total cost for drones, Pilot Points, Tech Center slots, and REP-4 is approximately 15,687,100 Uridium (not including Galaxy Gates, Havoc/Hercules/Spartan set, and LF-4.).

List of Ultra-Full-Elite equipment Edit

A list of additional equipment that is required for Ultra Full Elite status:


  • Being able to become Ultra-Elite with just Credits is a common misconception. You can be Full-Elite with just Credits, but you need to bid for the needed items on Trade. For Ultra-Elite, you need to use Uridium.
  • Not having double boosters is also noted as not being Ultra-Elite. Having one or no boosters still count as Ultra-Elite if you have the equipment.
  • You can become Ultra-Elite without paying, however, it will take a lot of work and effort; try collecting and using Palladium for the Galaxy Gate Generator.