Upgrade is an option found under Refining (in-game client) which lets you upgrade four components of your current ship using rare ore.

You can upgrade:

Upgrading generators and shields is timed by how much ore was upgraded to them.

How to upgradeEdit

While inside of the game client, you open the "Refining" panel, found on the top right of the screen, shown as a rocket and a plus sign icon. Then you click the Upgrade tab, drag one of the available four ores and drop onto the desired components.

Upgrading lasers and rocketsEdit

Upgrading lasers and rockets increases the damage inflicted depending on the ore used:

  • Prometid, increases damage inflicted by 15%.
  • Duranium, cannot be used on lasers or rockets.
  • Promerium, increases damage inflicted by 30%.
  • Seprom, increases damage inflicted by 60%.

Upgrading speed generatorsEdit

Upgrading generators increases the ship speed depending on the ore used:

  • Prometid, cannot be used on generators.
  • Duranium, increases ship speed by 10%.
  • Promerium, increases ship speed by 20%.
  • Seprom, cannot be used on speed generators.

Upgrading shieldsEdit

Upgrading shields increases the strength and power of your shields depending on the ore used:

  • Prometid, cannot be used on shields.
  • Duranium, increases shield strength by 10%.
  • Promerium, increases shield strength by 30%.
  • Seprom, increases shield strength by 40%.

Upgrade tableEdit

Component/Ore Prometid Duranium Promerium Seprom
Lasers +15% - +30% +60%
Rockets +15% - +30% +60%
Generators - +10% +20% -
Shields - +10% +20% +40%


  • Most players recommend upgrading your ship before PvP fights against other players, rather than wasting it on aliens.
  • Upgrading before Galaxy Gate waves is also commonly used to quickly finish the gate.