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Star system Upper map

An Upper map (also known as "uppers") is a set of maps that require a certain level to be reached to enter. Many Full-Elite players can be found in these maps. You can also find PvP (player vs player) battle maps which do not contain any resources or boxes to collect. Although on map 5-3 you can find the rare ore Palladium scattered and can be traded for extra galaxy gate energy.

Details about the upper maps Edit

X-5 Edit

This is the first upper map you enter after traveling from 4-4. Many aliens are found on this map which should be easy to handle except in swarms. Boxes and resources are found on this map.

X-6 Edit

The mothership alien Cubikon and its Protegits can be found here. Boxes and resources are found here.

X-7 Edit

X-8 Edit

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4-4 Edit

One of the largest maps but also one of the dangerous. It is the main traveling map that connects the lower maps to the upper ones. PvP with no boxes.

  • No aliens

4-5 Edit

This map is where you can begin finding the portal to reach the Pirate maps 5-X. PvP rules apply so if attacked by an alien or an enemy player, you must be away from any danger before attempting to leave. A rare wormhole is also found on this map.

Both Boss and Uber type of these aliens are found:

  • Streuner

Level requirementsEdit

There is a level requirement to enter the upper maps, which are:

  • 4-4 requires level 9
  • 4-5 requires level 10
  • X-5 maps require level 10
  • X-6, X-7 maps require level 11
  • X-8 maps require level 12
  • Enemy companies X-5 maps requires Level 14
  • Enemy companies X-6, X-7 maps require level 15
  • Enemy companies X-8 require level 17


  • The upper maps are also sometimes called "uppers".


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