The Uppers are a set of maps that are known to have higher level players and many more PvP battles than in the Lowers. Most of the upper maps require a certain level to even enter, so beware of FE players regularly.

The only path to the upper maps is through the battle maps, which is a set of maps specifically for PvP battles since you cannot jump through a portal if under attack/firing on another ship. The alternate way to get to the uppers would be by purchasing the Advance Jump CPU which does cost Uridium, or can be found in the Auction.

Overview Edit

X-5 Edit

X-5 is the map mostly used for traversing and boxing. Level 10 is required to access this map.


This is the first upper map you enter after traveling from 4-4. Many aliens are found on this map which should be easy to handle except in swarms. Boxes and resources are found on this map.

X-6 Edit

X-6 is the famous map where the Mothership alien Cubikon resides. This is mostly what the map is used for, along with some enemy company raiding.

Cubikon should be the least of your worries, while Protegits spawn at a high rate which circle and protect the Cubikon.


X-7 Edit

X-7 is the home of the crystal aliens Kristallin and Kristallon. It is a good map to earn experience, Honor, Credits, and Uridium.


X-8 Edit

X-8 is where a second base is located. It is generally a good map for collecting Bonus Boxes and shooting down StreuneR. You must be level 12 to enter this map.

Unlike X-1 though, there is no first fire protection which makes it very vulnerable to enemy raids and attacks.


Level requirementsEdit

There is a level requirement to enter the upper maps, which are:

  • 4-4 requires level 9
  • 4-5 requires level 10
  • X-5 maps require level 10
  • X-6, X-7 maps require level 11
  • X-8 maps require level 12
  • Enemy companies X-5 maps requires Level 14
  • Enemy companies X-6, X-7 maps require level 15
  • Enemy companies X-8 require level 17

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