Unfortunately Dark orbit has decided to lower the sell price of the flax to only 100,000 credits even at lvl 6 so it is a let down for all beginners trying to earn a bit of extra money. An easy way to overcome this is level up till lvl 12 in the lower maps X-3 and X-4. Notice I haven't said X-2 strictly because you are gonna get nowhere killing struener and lordakium, unless you bot of which case is strictly prohibited in Dark orbit and will result in a permanent ban. Once you are level 12 you can now have acces to the X-8 home base which is of great use incase you die and it stops you from making really long journeys. I also insist that you do not purchase hell storms, ECO-10's, as they cost alot of credits to supply. By all means by some if makin a couple of million credits is easy. Another thing to keep in mind is to enter a clan. Try to enter one with already advanced players willing to help you, with help also only kill BK( Kristallon) with You and another person as rewards are at its peak untill you can solo them yourself. 

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