The User interface is what you are viewing when first logging into the game. It consists of two main instances; the in-game client are where you play and navigate your ship and the back page which has everything else.

In-game user interfaceEdit

Fixed buttons[1]Edit

There is a cluster of symbols on the top right of the space map which cannot be moved. If you click on these, their windows will open in the middle of the space map.

These fixed buttons have been arranged around the DarkOrbit logo so that they don't block your view of space. You'll also find the current version of the client here. Here's a bit more information about each of the fixed buttons:

  1. Logout: Looks like a power symbol
  2. Question mark: Opens the game manual
  3. Socket wrench: Opens a window with your current client settings.
  4. Double-arrow: Opens the chat to sell items on the space station.
  5. Gate symbol: Starts a jump from a gate/jump portal (or use the J key).
  6. Monkey wrench: Allows you to carry out instant repairs if you have any Insta-Repair credits (mouse over the icon to display current credits available)
  7. Ship Switch: Allows you to perform a ship warp.


Clicking on the "Logout" button will allow you to log out of the space map safely and without battle incident. Certain "events" (like currently participating in a battle or currently participating in a Galaxy Gate) will not allow you to log out and you must complete (or get destroyed) the "event".

Question markEdit

This button is the help button. Pushing it will give you a detailed explanation of different buttons on the user interface.

Socket wrenchEdit

Clicking on the "Socket wrench" button will open up a window with your current client settings. will open up a window with your current client settings. Here you can change the setting to fit your preference.


Clicking on the "Double-arrow" button will open up a window enabling you to trade most of your Ores for credits. This function is only available when your location is at a Base or you posses a HM7 trade drone

Gate symbolEdit

Press this button to use a jump port

Monkey wrenchEdit

Use this button to quick repair you ship (at base)

Ship switchEdit


This allows you to change ships. Cost 10 Jump Credits

In Game FunctionsEdit


Attacking, Moving, and Collecting are some of the In Game Functions you will need to use in the game.


One of the main actions in the game consists of attacking Alien's and Enemy players. There are multiple tabs you are able to open in the UI The Outfit Tab, The Ship Tab, The Pilot Tab, The Minimap Tab, The Quest Tab, The Assignment Tab, The P.E.T. Tab, The System Tab, The Booster Tab, The Log Tab and The Chat tab.

To attack a player:

  1. Fly towards an Alien/Player.
  2. Lock (click) on the Enemy.
  3. Either Click your Ammo to start firing or press the Hot Key on your keyboard.
  4. Allow ammo to continue firing until the Enemy is destroyed.



Back page user interfaceEdit


When first logging in, you appear at the Home page, where you can view information about any ongoing events or special offers that will be showing.

These are the categories or pages when on the Home page:

  • Hangar (main page for an overview of ship and equipment)
  • Clan (manage clan details, administration, diplomacy, etc.)
  • Bonus (invite friends to DarkOrbit and earn rewards)
  • Upgrades (upgrade weapons, drones, shield generators, modules)
  • Pilot Sheet (exchange log-disks for ship skills)
  • Start (opens a new in-game window to play)
  • Uridium (purchase Uridium and other packs and offers)
  • Galaxy Gates (takes you to Materializer page to create galaxy gates)
  • Shop (area to purchase ammo, weapons, ships, etc.)
  • Auction (bid on elite items using Credits)
  • Skylab (manage ore and transfer from or to ship)


  1. Guide to the New Client. Note: To get to page, click on the help button in the top, then click on "Guide to the New Client."

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