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Breathe life into your Goliath Battlecruiser with this brand-new design. It'll give your ship a 5% damage bonus and its singularity function will give you a massive damage boost temporarily. (Damage starts out at 1k.)


Depending on how high the enemies HP is, the damage raises by a certain percent. It will punch right through their shield and do direct damage on the targets' hulls, meaning that you can do massive amounts of damage within seconds with this ability. Combined with RSB-75, it is a dangerous ability indeed, yet can be easily countered by an EMP BURST. This skill is very useful when the enemy is running to portal and is way faster than you. For example, on a Kristallon, it starts at 1500 damage and goes up 200 damage per second for 1 minute. The final hit can be around 13500. Note, the Kristallon has 400000 health and if you don't even use lasers or rockets, it will die after approximately 55 seconds.

This ability can do around 440k ( 446,200 ). The ability can be used every 20 minutes.


It costs 250,000 Uridium and it is available for bidding in Auction in the weekly tab.

It can also be gained by opening Booty Boxes (RARE!).

For more information, please visit the Skill Design page

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