WIZ-X is an elite rocket ammunition that is uridium bought and only available to purchase during a holiday such as Halloween, Easter, or even Christmas. They are found in the Shop and have a special ability instead of dealing damage. Keep in mind that if someone attacks you with a WIZ-X, it is meant for the sole purpose or entertainment, not to attack you.


100 uridium per rocket unit.

Also found in pumpkins during Halloween, gift boxes during winterfest, and easter eggs during Easter.


  • Hologram-Emitter rocket: It creates a temporary hologram around the fired ship to alter its actual appearance.
  • WIZ rockets do no damage whatsoever, but are jolly fun when shot at enemies.
  • They are also the only rockets that are able to be shot at allies in your X-1 or X-2 maps.
  • Also can be fired at players while in Demilitarized Zones.
  • If a person is hit with a WIZ-X, it causes everyone who has a lock on that person to loose their lock, similar to an EMP.
  • If a WIZ hits a P.E.T. 10, it will not transform.

What a WIZ-X can transform your ship intoEdit