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2015 calendar Edit


2012 calendar and rewards Edit

Winterfest2012 calendar

The Winterfest 2012 calendar introduces a new bonus system for the Winterfest 2012 event. The calendar features a hexagon grid with the numbers 1 - 24 fixed randomly in the popup found when you first login to the Darkorbit server. From December 1, 2012 to December 24, 2012, this window will temporarily replace the daily login bonus, although you can take a peek at your daily bonus login by clicking on the bottom-most link. Each door can only be opened on the day it is marked with. For example, the door marked 2 can only be opened on December 2, 2012; not earlier and not later. In other words, once the door's day has passed it can't be opened.


Total RewardsEdit

Rewards by DayEdit

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