Xenomit is a special ore that can only be obtained by the cargo drop of Boss Alien, Uber Aliens, winning it from Trade, or special holiday Bonus Boxes that may contain it. Xenomit is an ore that cannot be sold but has many other complex uses.Xenomit can be bought for 10uri for 1 xenomit (go to Trade>xenomit>buy)


Xenomit has an important role in the Skylab. It is used to produce Promerium, which is used to produce Seprom. Promerium is created with 10 Prometid, 10 Duranium and 1 Xenomit. Because Xenomit is so rare to find, the Skylab has a Xenomodule which produces a substance, less rare than Xenomit, which can be used to replace Xenomit when making promerium. Take this to your advantage and save your Xenomit for more important things.

CPU usageEdit

Many CPU extra's depend on Xenomit to function.

AIM-02 CPUEdit

Improves the chances of hitting a ship and reduces the rate of lasers missing the target by 50 percent. Uses 10 Xenomit per volley. The targeting guidance CPU has to be activated on the space map under "CPU's + Extra's". Only one targeting guidance CPU can be used per configuration.

ISH-01 CPUEdit

Provides you with protection for three seconds during enemy attacks. Uses 10 mines and 100 Xenomit every time it is selected.


The shield's cool-down time is the same as for mines.

SMB-01 CPUEdit

Provides you with smart bombs (massive damage special ammo). Uses 100 Xenomit and 10 mines per smart bomb.

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