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Back for more: Yamato and Defcom are back!

Up-to-date technology and classic styling – these Old-Timers pack a punch!

Some pilots have already written off and mothballed them, but a free retrofit later, the Yamato and Defcom are back in business.

Comparable in strength to a more modern Vengeance, the upgraded models now can stand their ground against any low- to mid-level threat and deliver serious firepower with the style of a classic.

Modern day collectors wanting to add these upgraded veterans to their set of highlights will enjoy this offer as much as every aspiring youngster pilot, aiming high on their career-ladder.

Yamato, Edition 15 Edit

Slots for 8 Lasers, one Rocket Launcher, 12 generators, 2 Extras; 1000 units of Cargo

HP 160,000

Speed: 260

Ship Skill: Travel Mode. Travel 450 units for 5s, Cooldown: 45s

Defcom V1.5 Edit

Slots for 12 Lasers, one Rocket Launcher, 8 generators, 2 Extras; 800 units of Cargo

HP: 150,000

Speed: 340

Ship Skill: Ultimate cloak. Duration: 20s, Cooldown: 240s

Ship Owner’s Monthly Magazine says: “A definite must-have for every genuine ship collector!”

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